Our dedication to producing high-quality, consistent and repeatable products drives our ability to scale manufacturing efficiently.

Our skilled team streamlines production to ensure that your products exceed expectations and are built for longevity. Our state-of-the-art factory specializes in laser-cutting, forming, welding, painting, and assembling stainless steel, steel, aluminum and copper sheet and tubing products. Our commitment to quality and precision has allowed us to extend our product range globally.


Our materials selection includes cold rolled, satin coat, and galvanized steel; stainless steel in 304 and 316 grades with 2B or #4 (brushed) finishes; aluminum and copper. We expedite material sourcing through our strong supply chain relationships.

Picture of a collection of tubes


Our advanced fiber laser can cut and etch various sizes of sheet, pipe, channel & tubing. We can work with customer-supplied materials or make precise modifications to finished products, like adding holes to signs and enclosures.

Picture of a laser cutting metal sheet


Our multi-skilled team of machine operators, welders, painters and assemblers collaborate closely to support large-scale production to deliver consistent, high-quality products.

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In the pursuit of operational excellence and market differentiation, our strategy adopts cutting-edge technologies to optimize performance. Utilizing best-in-class equipment and embracing technological advances are the foundational elements in sustaining our competitive market advantage.

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